About Me

My name is Mandy White, and I am a proud wife and mother of 2 boys. I am an Eligible Midwife with prescribing rights and Medicare eligibility, as well as being an Internationally Certified Lactation Consultant.


I have over 11 years of experience as a midwife in both the public and private sectors and currently work to provide antenatal and postnatal care to women across Adelaide. I am passionate about midwifery and caring for mothers and their babies, during one of the most important periods of their life.

My Midwifery Philosophy

I believe that it is my role as a midwife to support, encourage, advocate and understand each and every woman I work with. I feel privileged to work with women during one of the most important and empowering times of their life

The benefits of having a home visiting midwife

After being in hospital and experiencing all the excitement of welcoming a new baby into the world, when a new mum heads home with her baby, there can be lots of questions and uncertainties about their new life together. It is generally when a mum arrives home after having a baby that she may have new questions about her baby’s health and well-being along with her own health and well-being. A home visiting midwife will visit the new mum in her own home, thus avoiding the hardship most mums have of organising babies, and often toddlers too, for an outing to attend an appointment. The midwife will assist the new mum with not only the medical attention she requires, but will provide her with the support and encouragement she deserves.